OMG Check out this Nitro RC Warhead, man it goes, it really GOES!

We saw this movie of a Nitro powered RC Warhead buggy and we were in awe at its power!

This RC model moves like you wouldn't believe - play the video and find out how much more power your RC models gets up when "addicted" to nitro.... man, we're still trembling here!

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Useful Tips on Extracting More Performance for your 1/10 Scale Electric RC Model

We continually scour the Web looking for video's on how to maximise the performance of your Radio Controlled electric car or buggy.

This video offers some highly detailed advice on getting your RC buggy to last longer and go even further! We recommend its well worth watching so that you can get far more from your RC Model Hobby.

Please feel free to send us any feedback and note any mods you do make are at your own risk (don't say we didn't warn you!)

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