Top ten craziest RC Videos Online

Ah Youtube. Whenever we want thrills, spills and stunts involving RC we always turn to Youtube - she never fails to deliver.

So just for your viewing pleasure we've linked to some of the top craziest stunts involving radio control on Youtube right now.

If you think you have something better on video do let us know, we'll put it here and get the word out for you too!

Crazee Low Rider!

Phenomenal Drifting RC Car

TAMIYA 1/10 RC BNR32 burnout!

Some BIG SICK Jumps!

Hilarious RC Office Grand Prix

RC Drift Racing - LOTS!

RC Flying Bus - you better believe it!

RC Stunt Video - some real nice back flips here!

Extreme RC Hillclimbing

Deep Water and Mud in Awesome RC Forest Drive

If you know any RC videoz including your own let us know! We'd love to show them here!

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1st Post - things only get better from here!

OK this is our first outing here at RC Hobby Centre UK into the world of blogging!

"So whatcha got planned?" we hear ya ask... and we certainly plan to deliver.

We want videoz of YOUR radio controlled model cars - so if you upload them on to youtube let us know so we can proudly show them off to other blog readers here.

The blog will also be a chance to provide you with useful info, news of shows, product reviews and tips on getting the most out of your RC hobby activities.

We also plan to run regular competitions here and on twitter to generate some buzz and help get people talking about us.

Finally we're really keen to hear from ANYONE that wants to guest blog and add their own content to this blog, the more the merrier, so if you and your mates want to get a voice early on our blog do let us know by emailing info at

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