Crazy RC Battle

Erm crazy ok... uh huh... yeah its crazy... nuts even.... what do you think???

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RC Car Totally Disintegrates - Like Totally DUDE!

Ouch ouch ouch..... complete and utter disintegration of this RC Car travelling at over 100mph+

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RC Jet Plane Crashes

Making for compelling viewing, these RC Jet Plane crashes certainly leave you exhilirated but then sad when you see some of the RC pilots reactions.... dude it choked me up.... we'll leave you to make your own minds up.... its why we stick to driving RC models on the ground, lots less to go wrong (usually)

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Nitro Monster RC Truck Video

Perhaps more promotional than home grown video but whoever filmed these monster RC trucks certainly knows how to use a camera - there's some great film here, the jump at the end is pure gold!

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Extreme Hillclimbing RC Buggies!

Man oh man - we'd literally give our right arm to drive one of our New Electric 4WD RC Buggies up this 120 foot hillclimb!! Really worth watching (and if anyone has a UK hillclimb like this let us know!)

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Starting your HSP RC Car Video

Looking to find out how to start your HSP Radio Control Car - if you have had trouble this useful video could help you solve your starting problems - generally HSP RC Cars are pretty reliable so its sometimes more common to find user error is generating the problem. So check this video out and if you have any other tips on starting your HSP RC Model let us know!

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Oooooharrrrrghhhhh RC Tractors is where its at!

Have to admit we've not yet been asked for an RC Tractor - perhaps RC Buggies are just way more fun? Admittedly you cannot plough with a Radio Controlled Buggy so an RC Tractor might be more useful... anyway for your enjoyment:

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1:16 Scale RC Challenger 2 Tank

We'd love one of these Radio Controlled Challenger tanks to ride around our RC Car Storage Facility - certainly would take the weight off our feet! (sorry for poor video quality, it really could do with being much sharper)

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Radio Controlled Airwolf

Maybe one for our older blog readers but welcome back to RC Controlled Airwolf complete with authentic Eighties music!

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Insane RC Helicopter

We love it at RC Hobby Estore when we get to see insane RC hobby stunts - whether its in RC Buggies, Planes or even Boats (got to be pretty daring to get our attention!)

We found this RC Helicopter been flown about in REVERSE, upside down, bouncing around mid air and think you really ought to HIT THE PLAY BUTTON RIGHT NOW!

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