The New Kidking Top by HSP

This is HSP's latest version of their Kidking 1/16th scale monster truck.

Don't be fooled by the Kidking name. That just the decal on the body. This little beauty comes in HSP's "Top" specification including programmable brushless setup and Lipo battery as standard. It's like it's bigger brothers but in miniture. Click here to view the Kidking Top in detail

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Why Radio Control Cars Are So Much More Fun!

Radio control cars are self-powered model vehicles that run on various different sources. Gas RC cars and nitro radio control cars are examples. RC cars are operated by a remote controller, either via a wire connecting the car to the controller or a radio-frequency link.

RC cars are amazingly fun to "drive" and the opportunity to play with them is often a little boy's dream come true. Older boys are not immune to the powerful allure of these types of RC models, and frequently buy RC cars online especially from sites like Whether they purchase cheap radio control cars, or more expensive models, they all provide immense satisfaction for driving enthusiasts of all ages.

Nitro radio control cars are fueled by a special combination of nitromethane, methanol, and oil. They operate like full-sized fuel automobiles with a two-stroke engine. The great thing about these RC cars is their high performance and their ability to go very fast.

Because of their ability to reach top speeds, owners of nitro radio control cars should watch for wear and tear. High speed collisions should also be avoided. However, should it become necessary, there are many places to buy RC cars online.

Gas RC cars run on a mixture of gasoline and oil. More space is needed to operate these babies as they are large, fuel-efficient, and very powerful. Their motors, which have long lifespans, rarely need a tune-up.

Compared to their nitro RC vehicle counterparts, they are generally slower and are more expensive, at around £500 to £1903 for ready-to-run models. On the bright side, gas RC cars require relatively less maintenance and thus cost less in the long run. This makes it more appealing for enthusiasts to buy RC buggies and cars online or in stores.

Cheap radio control cars are also called toy cars and they are generally easier to set up and operate, but are comparatively slow. What cheap radio control cars lack in durability, they more than make up for in the low cost.

Cheap radio control cars are modeled after common cars, trucks, tanks, bulldozers, and motorcycles. While certain types of vehicles may not be available for gas RC cars and nitro radio control cars, there is still a wide assortment of sensational cars and trucks to choose from including sports cars and dragsters. For those who want to buy RC cars online, sterling selections are available.

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Crazy RC Battle

Erm crazy ok... uh huh... yeah its crazy... nuts even.... what do you think???

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RC Car Totally Disintegrates - Like Totally DUDE!

Ouch ouch ouch..... complete and utter disintegration of this RC Car travelling at over 100mph+

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RC Jet Plane Crashes

Making for compelling viewing, these RC Jet Plane crashes certainly leave you exhilirated but then sad when you see some of the RC pilots reactions.... dude it choked me up.... we'll leave you to make your own minds up.... its why we stick to driving RC models on the ground, lots less to go wrong (usually)

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Nitro Monster RC Truck Video

Perhaps more promotional than home grown video but whoever filmed these monster RC trucks certainly knows how to use a camera - there's some great film here, the jump at the end is pure gold!

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Extreme Hillclimbing RC Buggies!

Man oh man - we'd literally give our right arm to drive one of our New Electric 4WD RC Buggies up this 120 foot hillclimb!! Really worth watching (and if anyone has a UK hillclimb like this let us know!)

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